how it works


Initial Consultation

I’ll do a full assessment and we’ll explore your medical history, relationship with food, health goals, eating patterns, habits and more. 60 minutes.


Follow Up Sessions

Each follow-up will have a topic of focus, interactive exercises, and discussion to support you on your journey. With ongoing support and accountability, these sessions are the key to your success.  Follow ups are a great time to ask questions, discuss where you are with your goals, and maybe even set some new ones.  We will discuss any obstacles you may be encountering and find realistic, achievable solutions. 30 minutes.

Insurance is not accepted at this time. However, an official receipt of services can be provided, which you can submit directly to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Reimbursement for services is subject to your insurance carrier. Nutrition counseling is considered an eligible expense that can be applied towards flexible pre-tax healthcare spending accounts.

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