The 7 tools you need in your kitchen

These are my tried and true for saving time, effort, and clean up. For anyone who prepares anything in the kitchen - from the serious cook to corner-cutting maven. I'm curious to hear yours. Share with me below.


Parchment paper

If you do a lot of roasting and you’re not using parchment paper, you are really missing out. It makes cleanup a dream. But that’s not all, my friends. Parchment is also awesome for roasting fish. Yep. Called “en papillote,” this is creating an airtight envelope or package to steam-roast for a moist, easy meal. Try layering salmon on top of chopped zucchini and topped with lemon slices (a great meal to prep, too!). Tasty, and, again, easy on the clean up front. My favorite.

Garlic press

Okay, so I did live without a garlic press for a while, and I can tell you with certainty: life with a garlic press is better! I used to neglect cooking with garlic, because, let’s face it - it’s a kind of a pain! But it’s a tasty pain and I love the garlic press for making it easier.

Mini food processor

A must for all you pesto and hummus makers out there. It checks all the boxes for convenience: size, price, clean up, and set up. I promise! Even if you are as technically challenged as I am, you don’t need an advanced degree to put it together. This is the one I use.

Immersion blender

Life really changed when I got this guy. No, it’s not an everyday item, but an immersion blender does make a lot of things A LOT easier. It’s not expensive and it’s not big, but it does save time and headache. It’s adequate for a small batch of hummus, but it’s really golden for pureeing hot soups. No transferring required, no hot liquids exploding, one less giant device to clean,


Small item, endless functions: citrus zest, cheese, ginger, garlic, chocolate, whole spices, spicy peppers. This is a great starter. And I love this wider one for cheese too.

Lemon juicer

Lemon juice is amazing. Its uses know no boundaries. But picking lemons seeds out of your food? Near impossible and supremely annoying. Find yourself a fancy lemon juicer like this or use a small strainer and juicer like I do for new and improved citrus juicing.


Not a necessity, but a wonderful luxury. First, a disclaimer: these things are scary! Thinly slicing a radish is heavenly, but it’s an entirely different situation when it’s your finger on the blade instead of a vegetable. That being said. I’m a huge fan of thinly sliced difficult-to-cut veggies (radishes, beets, zucchini) in my salads and if you’re up for creating homemade veggie chips or even julienning, a mandoline has you covered. As long as your fingers are also covered, it’s stress free. This one comes with a protective glove, which I highly recommend!


Scissors or shears

I actually have THREE pairs of scissors in my kitchen. They're that useful. I use them for everything from cutting herbs and tearing apart a chicken to cutting flowers and opening mail. I am positive you will put yours to good use.  


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